ORGANIC Peruvian Cajamarca Filter

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ORGANIC Peruvian Cajamarca Filter

ORGANIC Peruvian Cajamarca Filter

Peru is a widely undiscovered (or should I say undeveloped) coffee industry. Often the coffee is too cheap and the highest qualities are rare and hard to hold on to.  We buy Cajamarca as it is a really tasty coffee that is simply easy drinking. When the coffee first arrived it was shallow, however, it has opened up beautifully and is tasting really good and rested now, probably as the harvest is beginning again in Peru. The cycle continues…

Top Trumps

Co-operative: Cenfro Cafe’ 2400 grower members.

Region: Cajamarca

Processing: Fully washed

Certification: Organic

Altitude: 1200 -1800 Meters above sea level

Varietals: Typica and Caturra


Cup Profile:

For us, this lot is fresh and juicy, think (cranberry & white grape) and some toasty sugar notes and cocoa.

Brew recipe: 65g per liter and up.

Farm Info

Cenfro Cafe’ originated in the same year as James Gourmet (1999). They are sustainably minded and partly, attribute this to their success. The co-operative is made up of many individual farmers with the average farm size being between 4 and 8 hectares. Coffee has become widely grown in this area in the last 30 years.


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