ORGANIC Colombian Inza Cauca

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ORGANIC Colombian Inza Cauca

ORGANIC Colombian Inza Cauca

After a scarcity of decent quality Organic coffees, (due to new laws) we have broken the curse and now we have this certificated Organic Filter Coffee from Inza Cauca. I can’t tell you how often we get the call to send out “a nice Colombian!”. This is that coffee. It’s not going to push the boundaries of weird and it’s probably not going to make you wonder what happens if you brew it osmotically, however, you will probably just reach for a second mug. We are talking, about an easy, sweet, tasty filter that also happens to be organic.

Owners: 40 Smallholders of Belen

Region; Inzá, Cauca

Process: Fully washed & dried on parabolic and raised beds

Varietal(s): Mostly Caturra (70%+) w/Colombia & Castillo

Size of farm: 2.5 hectares

Harvest: March-May, September-December

Altitude: 1750-2100 Meters above sealevel

Roast: Light-Medium Filter.

Cup Potential:🥣

Aromatics: Deep, soft fruit| Body: Light to medium| Acidity: Pineapple, grapefruit & orange|

When hot, this is juicy, sweet, and a little citric. As the coffee starts to cool, the sweetness and acidity elevate. How can a drink this sweet have so few calories? All of the way down to cool, this is soft, sweet, pineapple, apple, and sweet citrusy.


In full immersion, this is a dream at 65g per litre


Farm Stuff.

This coffee was produced by 40 smallholder coffee producers from the sub-municipality of Belen. Every single micro-lot delivered was cupped and reserved due to its scoring 85 points or above by the community cupping lab. This particular group is also one of the first from the region to be an entirely organic certified coffee. Cauca’s violent past, with a heavy presence of FARC guerrillas, had historically prevented the FNC (Colombia’s excellent national coffee board) and specialty-focused exporters from establishing a presence in the region. As violence has diminished, it has enabled the growers in the region to seek increased access to markets for quality, not only taking advantage of the region’s wonderful coffee-growing conditions but also the economic resource that nearby tourist destinations bring (for instance, the World Heritage Site “Parque Nacional Arqueológico de Tierradentro”). The source that we have bought this from is paying between 30 and 300% above market rates, with the aim of delivering





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