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Nilgiri Pearl Black Tea

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Nilgiri Pearl Black Tea

Nilgiri Pearl Black Tea

This is probably the easiest black tea that I have ever drunk. I would say the 98% of people who have tried this tea and heard the story of how we have built this relationship just love it and try to come back for more.

Black tea: Tightly rolled large buckshot-sized pellets (The black tea that doesn’t need milk) ~ Sweet, rounded, fresh mineral-rich flavour with a fruity finish.

Brewing recommendation: 2g of leaf per serving, 95 C, steep up to 5 minutes.

Personally, I am brewing this at 10g per litre, 95C for 3 minutes and 30 seconds on the first steep.

Second steep, (re-using the same tea) 4 minutes.

Third steep, it’s still sweet but milder (strangely!!)  4mins Thirty secs-5 minutes.

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