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Nilgiri Mao Feng

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Nilgiri Mao Feng

Nilgiri Mao Feng

The Original Chinese Mao Feng, translates to ‘Fur Peak‘, referring to the small white hairs that cover the young dry leaves. Traditionally grown in the southeastern interior of Anhui province of China.

Mao Feng is a green tea and is more than just another tea to include in our list of fantastic offerings from the Nilgiri Hills.

This is a truly delicious tea that has been proven to be low in caffeine and high in antioxidants. The Tea Studio work with Camelia Sinensis, who commissioned an analysis of both caffeine and antioxidants in Nilgiri Maofeng and a number of other teas. The data is clear that this tea is outstanding in terms of health properties.  You can read the whole article here. If you would like to be spared the read, the amount of caffeine was 15mg, in a big poll, varying between 7mg and 88mg. On the antioxidant scale, Nilgiri Mao Feng was second highest of all of the teas, coming in at 3045 μmol with the lowest being 175 μmol. These are pretty impressive numbers.

Beyond the numbers, this tea is fresh and delightfully easy drink.

Cup potential:

Rich, sweet, and herbal aromatics with a hint of passionfruit and a long finish.

Brewing recommendation 10g per litre. (80-85C Deg C). Steep for 3 minutes. This tea will take multiple steeps.

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