• Nilgiri Kukicha

Nilgiri Kukicha

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Nilgiri Kukicha

Nilgiri Kukicha

Here is a tea quite like any other that I have tried. This is a tea that benefits from heat and lots of it. As a roasted green tea, this is slightly smokey and sweet, but not to be compared with a lapsang souchong, which is harsh and crude by comparison. The eye opening thing about all of the Nilgiri teas is that they are not all about dairy. Dairy has its place but hides so much of what a great tea can be.

Roasted Green tea. Long strands of roasted stalk. Different. (ROASTED BAMBOO STYLE/ TEA BUSH).

This is the new Marmite of the tea world. Cosy, comforting, toasty, hickory, licorice, pine. Maybe even camp-fire tea.

Brewing recommendation 10g per litre. (100 Deg C). Steep for 5 minutes.

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