• Nilgiri Bamboo

Nilgiri Bamboo Green Tea

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Nilgiri Bamboo

Nilgiri Bamboo

Here is a unique Green Tea made using only the internode between the terminal bud and the first leaf of a tea shoot. You can safely say,  this is not just any old tea stalks. Nilgiri Bamboo is visually very different from most of our other teas, apart from the amazing Nilgiri Kukicha, which is a roasted version.

Nilgiri Bamboo is a completely delicious tea, now officially patented for the studio, by Muskhan. We received an email from ( a quiet tea expert) from her virtual bushel after 5 years of working towards the official stamp. “What makes the granting of this patent even more unique is the fact, (this has been verified from the web, that barring some patents for tea-making machinery) mine is the ONLY patent which has been granted for this drastic paradigm shift in the art of tea making”.

Muskhan follows this by saying “I am sure you would agree that this is indeed a very proud moment not just for me, but also my team of ladies who work with me in the Tea Studio.” This is a fantastic achievement.

Nilgiri Bamboo is probably the very sweetest tea you could imagine.

Sweet, fresh honey and floral notes.

Brewing recommendation 8g per litre. (100 Deg C). First steep for 3 minutes, Second steep for 5 minutes.

We have reduced our brew recommendation for green teas. Less tea (8g per litre, not 10g) is typically way sweeter.

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