Manual Grinder from Timemore


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Timemore Manual Chestnut Grinder C2

Manual Grinder from Timemore

As we (JGC) are gradually moving away from retailing electronic goods, we thought it was time to dip our toes a little further into the analog world of brewing. I am a big fan of simplicity and affordability. The C2 grinder has been around for a while and is not expensive as it was when it first launched. If this was made closer to home it would have a different price tag. These are well made, easy to adjust, and have the functions of grinders of a much higher price tag.

Having traveled around the world with this grinder now (literally) with V60 in hand, I can say that it is excellent and really consistent. A truly great little grinder that you can fit in your hand luggage, next to your scales and coffee.

Grinder stats:

Weight: 465g (fits in your bag or suitcase quite easily)

Hopper: capacity approx 25g

Main materials: Steel & aluminium

Burrs: Steel 38mm Conical

Adjustability: Wide range of grinds. Not sure I would recommend it for espresso. Certainly Aeropress-Chemex. I will have to get back to you on the espresso.

Cleaning: This grinder is very easy to take apart, so there are no excuses!

What’s in my box?

Firstly you get your Timemore Manual Chestnut Grinder C2, with a detachable handle. This is not one of those that topples the grinder over as soon as you put it on. Remember those? You also get a neat little carry bag and a cleaning brush. Before I have finished writing this up, one of these has already made it from us to France and another going in a suitcase to Australia in the coming days. We can safely say that they are great travel companions!

If you are looking to quickly grab a few other things before you travel somewhere;

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and relax.

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