• Mahlkonig E65 Grind By Weight

Mahlkonig E65 Grind By Weight


Mahlkonig E65 Grind By Weight

Mahlkonig E65 Grind By Weight

Here we have the Mahlkonig E65 Grind By Weight. It is so in demand at the moment that there has been a waiting list on them for a good 6 months now. If you brew a fair bit of coffee for home, this may well be your dream grinder.

We have an E65GBW in the roastery and we use it in rotation with an E65s, an E80S an EK43, an Anfim Pratica, a Niche, and occasional others that come and go. Pictured here, next to our 18 carat La Marzocco KB90.

As if by magic, we have stock of the GBW. If you are not familiar with this grinder, it has been a huge step forwards in consistency for coffee grinding in the right environment. I say this, as I wouldn’t use this grinder outside (I have tried and struggled), or having a GBW on an uneven or vibrating/moving surface won’t produce the best results unless you are prepared to reduce the sensitivity in settings.

There is a genuine shortage of these grinders and we have a few spare. In January 2022 all Mahlkonig grinders went up again up by 5%, so this might be a good time to snap one up?

On the positive side:

  • The GBW has great looks.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • In the right environment, this is so easy to use and super consistent.
  • Saves time weighing and consequently saves money.
  • Simple cleaning.
  • Only £300 more than the standard  E65s.
  • In the right space, these grinders are brilliant.
  • Value for money.

On the negative side:

  • Every so often you have to recalibrate the grinder with your portafilters. Not a big task. Like a memory re-boot.
  • If you have multiple machines, you will need to weigh in each portafilter that you use, so that the grinder recognises it, to weigh into it. Not a common problem for many.
  • As I have stated above, level surfaces without constant vibration are what this grinder needs.

Mahlkonig E65 GBW

With this grinder, you will be able to extract every “One Roast” that we do. You will find these duplicated here and here, under espresso. it has the good old, super hard 65mm Mahlkonig burrs, that you will find in every Mahlkonig K30 and E65 for that matter. These should last upto 50,000 shots of coffee.

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