• Kenya Ndaroini AA

Kenya Ndaroini AA

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Kenya Ndaroini AA

Kenya Ndaroini AA TOP Lot Filter Roast

Over the years we have bought coffee from Kenya in different ways and as you will see here, times are changing with Kenya coffee. This is great news.

Having laid out a few basic points about the Ndaroini project, in our blog. I am really happy to be able to offer you this coffee lot. We are starting you off with the boldest bean and a “top lot”. This is a coffee, like Suke Quto, that is actually a really good thing that more coffee roasters buy.

The important part, this Kenya coffee is something we are so happy to have! As you would expect, Ndaroini farmers group coffee has sweetness and complexity and a seductive, balanced acidity.

Farm/ Production stuff:

Producers: Kenya Ndaroini Farmers Group

Members: 1400 (an increase of 200 in the last 12 months)

Process: Fully washed

Average Altitude:  1800 Meters above sea level.

Coffee varietals: SL34& SL28

Lot: Screen size AA (= Bold) Top Lot

Roast: Light Filter

Cup Potential:

Aromatics: Intense and curranty| Body: Light| Acidity: Sweet, Orange & Currants|

Aromatically, this coffee is so enticing, avoiding salivating is as hard as not licking your lips when eating “The Perfect doughnut!”. On opening, for me this a little like 3D currants. Sweet, juicy acidity front end, that simultaneously has a lower sugar layer, more akin to blackcurrants, and even a touch salty. As the liquor cools, sweet orangey citrus and lots of brown sugar slowly opens up and just gets better and better.

Recipe: 60-70g a litre.

Ndaroini Farmers Group is a group in the form of a coffee mill and the smallholder farmers that supply it.  These guys have broken the traditional ties and have moved away from the Gikanda Co-operative society.  Now they are getting better levels of agronomical support, better equipment, and better paid.

If you would like to know more about this revolution:


Leaving the co-op society


Ndaroini the coffee revolution.




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