Kenya Kutere AA

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Kenya Kutere AA

Kenya Kutere AA Filter Roast


So this coffee has just been the most accommodating coffee to roast. We just found it could work universally as a One roast, kind of overlooking the obvious. This coffee has faired so unbelievably well I can hardly believe it. In filter, like turning the volume up, this is a spectacular turning up of the sweet juicy acidity, which Kenya is most famous for.

Top Trumps: Kutere Mill

Exporter: Vava

Kutere factory: one of two wet mills under Kikai Cooperative society in Western Kenya.

Country: Kenya

Namwela division: Southern slopes of Mount Elgon

Altitude range: 1700-1850 meters above sea level.

Process: Fully Washed

Varietals: SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian, SL34, k7

Harvest: October to January 

 Roast; Hot drop for development, Light filter roast…

Cup potential.

Aromatics: Sweet, fruity and vibrant    Body:  Light   Acidity: High! Redfruity and wild: Raspberry, cranberry, and currants.

We could have got a bit lazy with this coffee, but the more we roasted it (in different ways) the more opened up and boof! wow! (* Boof is actually a word. That was lucky). The range of red fruits is broad. Tart, juicy and intense. Cup possibilities of raspberry, cranberry fused with dry citrus, finishing like a good tonic (in a gin sense). In the middle, (cooling) is a red currant and plummy acidity that just keeps on sweetening up. The finale. Zesty citrus with blackcurrant acidity.  If you have taken the time to eat blackcurrants from a bush they often are quite citric, depending on their ripeness. No surprises which coffee is making it home with me this weekend.

Filter Recipe:

We have been brewing this at a starting point of 60g per litre in filter and 65g+ in full immersion. If you would like a slightly more developed roast with a view to brewing with milk, our espresso roast is quite light.

A little about Vava

Vava Angwenyi is one of the world’s incredibly driven people. She is driven by equality. With a tribal background and extensive Western education. Two BSC’s and an MSC in science and Business. Vava also champions soil health and watercourse organisations amongst so many other things. Coffee is just one of the areas that she wants to see leveled up.  Here is a recent video presentation she did for Re:co Here Wow right? I am in awe of this woman/human/person.

Vava Specialty Coffee is a social enterprise in Nairobi, that seeks to cause positive social and economic disruption within the coffee industry and create sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers as well as integrate more women and youth within the entire supply chain. Since its inception, Vava has worked tirelessly towards creating a strong network as well as relationships connecting like-minded partners to expand their reach.

Mill Info

Kutere factory is one of two wet mills under Kikai Cooperative society in Western Kenya. The factory is located in the Namwela division on the southern slopes of Mount Elgon and lying and the Kenya-Uganda border. The Coop is managed by an elected board of 9 members. Currently, the Coop has 12 permanent members of staff who are headed by a Secretary Manager. The Secretary Manager oversees the day-to-day running of the Coop under the supervision of the board. The 2 Wet mills in the coop have a membership of 2333  farmers. The farmers have also diversified into dairy farming setting up a milk cooling plant as well as biogas installation on some farms.

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