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Kenya Kii Filter Roast

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Kenya Kii Filter Roast

Kenya Kii Filter Roast

This season our main coffee from Kenya is Kenya Kii, via Trabocca. Since Kenya coffee deliveries have been getting later in the year, missing the summer when they would be the perfect iced refreshment in the heat of any day. This also means that in the Winter months, great Kenya coffees brew well, a little like hot Ribena.

In the cup, this is a “happily ever after”. The top-end acidity has sweetened from the original sample and is a much easier coffee to drink than one, fresh from harvest. We are committed to buying our Kenya coffee, from Trabocca as I believe that being a small cog in this wheel, is the best way to make change for the better.

Cup profile 🍜

|Aromatics: Blackcurrant Jam| Body: Creamy on cooling| Acidity: Currants & Citrus|

On opening, there is a big brown sugary sweetness, that evolves into a blackcurrant and grapefruit juice. The blackcurrant sweetness carries all the way down to cool, with hints of black tea and a long delicious finish.

Brew Recipe:

60g a litre in filter, with good water and fresh burrs, is a great place to start.

We also have a Trad’ espresso version of this, and I think it’s amongst the best Kenya Espresso we have had in many years.

Kenya Kii Coffee Factory

The Kii Factory was founded in 1995 and is one of three owned and operated by Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS). Both Karimikui and Kiangoi are sister factories owned by the same FCS. The Kii River, also at the foot of Mount Kenya which runs nearby, gives the factory both its name and clean water for washing fine, Fully washed coffees.

Selectively picked coffee cherries are delivered to the factory. As the coffee arrives it is scrutinised by the Cherry Clerk, whose job is to visually check for quality and consistency. The cherries are then put into lots, pulped, and fermented for 16-24 hours. This part is dependent on local humidity and temperature. Once the coffee has been fermented it is washed in clean Kii river water for approximately 12 hours and later dried on raised beds, before resting in parchment before shipping.

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