Kenya Gititu AB Filter

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Kenya Gititu AB Filter

Kenya Gititu AB Filter
What I look for in a great Kenya Coffee

When I buy or taste Kenya coffee I usually want two main things. Bold blackcurrants (or at least clean fruity notes) and also sweetness.  How would it be if you had fruit juice, that wasn’t sweet? Would it be a vegetable juice? no, because of course, they can be sweet too. When a  fruit isn’t sweet it is usually sour or bitter and something is peculiar. So simplicity and clarity are easy routes to Kenya coffee happiness for me. As the first of our Kenya’s is finishing, this is our third and final lot for the season, which will be with us for some time I hope.

Farm/ Mill Stats

Kenya Gititu AB

Producer group: Gititu Farmers Co-operative Society.

Varietals: SL28, 34 and Ruiru 11

Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds.

Altitude: 16-1700 Meters above sea level

Members: 500 smallholder farmers deliver to Gititu Mill.

Area: Kiambo, Kiambo County.

Average farm size: 1 Hectare.

Roast: Light Filter.

Cup potential: Blackcurrant and lemon. Mouthwateringly juicy.

Recipe: 60g per litre and upwards.

Farm Info

Gititu means “Big Forest” in Kikuyu.  Formerly a heavily wooded area, now inhabited with many smallholder farmers. The Gititu Farmers co-operative society have 8 coffee factories or Mills,

Gititu, Kiairia, Karweti, Ikinu, Kimathi, Mutuya, Ngochi and Ngemwa and over 5,000 members in total.  Gititu is the most known of the mills and has been set up since 1970, which is one of the early adopters and longest-running of the Co-operative society model.




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