• Indian Nilgiri Frost Tea

Indian Nilgiri Frost Tea

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Indian Nilgiri Frost Tea

Indian Nilgiri Frost Tea

Nilgiri Frost tea is actually a black tea if you had to categorise it.  Unique to our genius tea friends at the studio, in the Nilgiris.

Nilgiri Frost Tea is an unusual-looking black tea with its green flakes and dark wiry leaf combination. Arriving in late January-February time, perfectly timed to begin the year on a high note. The lively liquor is an eccentric blend of green spring freshness enhanced with an interesting and smooth barley-sugar sweetness. The cup exudes a well-structured taste with balance and finesse. This particular tea is made from the leaf of the CR6017, a unique high-quality ‘China’ type cultivar, accepted as being amongst the top quality tea clone of the Nilgiris.

We brew this 3-5 minutes at 95C. If you don’t have a smart kettle, let your kettle boil and then wait for a minute or so, for the water to cool before pouring on your Nilgiri Frost Tea.

9-10g of tea per litre. Once you have made your first litre, boil some fresh water again and in the next steep, increase the contact time of the tea and the water.

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