India Washed Kanbile Estate

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India Washed Kanbile Estate 

India Washed Kanbile Estate Filter Roast

New Arrival

This week is the beginning of celebrating the delivery of our second great Indian coffee from Komal and Akshay. From a strict speciality coffee perspective, you could question why we have coffee here that is simple, clean and tasty? One of the troubles with the coffee world is that we get obsessed with every flavour that isn’t coffee or roast. We then call these by special and clever names and sometimes forget what most people who enjoy coffee want. Those anchors that are tasty and safe that are pleasing that you (and I sometimes) just want to drink more of, without unnecessary sensory challenges! I said it and my soul is not for sale or sold for that matter!

Top Trumps

Farmer: Mr GG Rajendra Kumar (4th generation)

Plantation: Kanbile Plantation (Founded in 1900 approx.)

Variety; S795 

Process: Fully washed

Roast:  Developed Filter.

Cup potential;

Filter Coffee:

Aromatics: Chocolate Cake | Body: Creamy | Acidity: White fruity & clean|

For me, when I am cupping Kanbile, it is like the best bits I remember from the fairground. Lots of chocolate and candyfloss sugars. Due to the textural rich nature of this coffee, we find ourselves using terms like creamy and buttery.  Think creamy, milk chocolate and a distinctive clean white fruity acidity, with a distant hint of nut too. 60g-70g per litre is a good place to start.


This is on the light side of things for traditional espresso, however, it just works.  For me, this is a little like a chocolate stout in espresso and you can imagine with milk is super tasty and very drinkable. There was no need to re-invent the wheel with this in our espresso recipe. A straight forward 1:2 or 17g into 34g or Sage 20g to 40g etc. All works fine in the mid to late 20-second extractions.

 Kanbile is sustainably cultivated with predominantly shade-grown Arabica coffee, with some of the shade trees being over 100 years old. The plantation is bird and wildlife-friendly and coffee is cultivated harmoniously with nature with minimal environmental impact. The plantation also has its own wet mill and drying yards.

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