• Honduras Cascaritas Sauvignon Blanc

Honduras Finca Cascaritas Sauvignon Blanc

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Honduras Finca Cascaritas One Roast

Honduras Finca Cascaritas Sauvignon Blanc

Well, here is a thing! As a wary consumer, I might look twice at this as a product and sit on the fence, as anything edgy or new can be hit or miss. I may have been a little over-excited with Hondurans at the end of last season, for which I have no regrets, as they have all been preserved beautifully in vacuum bricks.

This is where I bellow “however!” these coffees are fantastic, and innovation is rewarding for producers when there are buyers.

Top Trumps

Country: Honduras

Farm: Finca Cascaritas

Grower: Delmy Hernández.
Region:  Mercedes

Process: Honey process, inoculated with R2 Sauvignon Blanc yeast.

Varietal: Pacas

Drying: Raised beds for 24 days.
Altitude: 1250 MASL

Farm size: 3.5 Hectare

Roast: One Roast (Great for filter and possible to make great espresso too)

Cup Potential 🥣

|Aromatics: Intense sweetness-good fruit| Body: Light creamy on cooling | Acidity: Soft, grape, |

Initially, this is fruity and sweet with a low acidity and a soft drying finish. This is a suave cup of coffee. As time goes by, the cup becomes a little winey and drier. The fruit sweetens as the tannins build. The little changes in the cup swing between coffee and all -things inoculated wine yeast.

On cooling, the body builds, and the fruit becomes riper, more like a natural processed coffee than anything to do with wine. I can’t wait to try this in cold brew.

Filter recipe:

60-65g a litre in batch. I have had more out of this coffee in full immersion (cupping bowl/Clever dripper or AeroPress)

Espresso Recipe:

I was hesitant about putting this coffee anywhere near milk, however it is what we do.

Ideal brew temp: 94-95C.

Milk-based:17-18g of coffee into 34-36g of espresso 27+ seconds

Espresso: 17-18g into 45-50g of espresso in 27+seconds.

9oz milk-based drink: Light fruit, creamy caramel,  and a touch of cocoa.

6oz milk-based: Good soft fruity acidity, cocoa.

Espresso.  Once again the long shots come up trumps into the 40-50g region. Bright, sweet, crisp acidity, dry cocoa, citrusy finish.

Farm Stuff

Delmy Hernández is the mum of poster boy Hidardo Hernandez, (whose coffee you will also find on our site) director of Cafesmo, the cooperative of progressive coffee producers in Ocotopeque, Honduras. Delmy’s life has been all things coffee. Following on from her late husband, she is very much part of pushing the boundaries of where great coffee can go.

This Lot

This lot is tiny and experimental. This is one of our favourite yeasts for its integration of fragrance and flavour. This batch is made with the pacas variety starting the pulping process. We place it in barrels with the yeast: we leave the coffee for 24 hours aerobic and 48 hours anaerobic. Finally, we finish the process by drying the coffee with mucilage to maintain the coffee’s sugars and body. Then the coffee is dried on African (raised beds) for 24 days.

How are you brewing this? Feel free to share with us @JGC Instagram


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