• Hario V60 Carafe set.

Hario V60 Drip Decanter Set 02


These have been so hard to get hold of, this year. I am happy to say these decanters are in (!) and SO nice to the eye. You have no need to buy a filter machine, as there is a spiral plastic V60 on top of the decanter and to make it even easier, the first 40 filter papers are included too. I am a believer that plastic is the way forward for the V60 and I am not alone.

So when your Hario decanter arrives, all you need is some fresh (James Gourmet?) coffee beans. A filter grinder and a kettle with a good 600ml of soft (or filtered) water in. Since I bought my Stagg EKG kettle I have been obsessing over V60 and enjoying it like never before. Who could have so much fun in under 3 minutes?

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