• Hario V60 Carafe set.

Hario V60 Decanter


Hario V60 Decanter

Hario V60 Drip Decanter Set


These have been so hard to get hold of, in recent times. I am happy to say these decanters are in (!) and SO nice to the eye. You have no need to buy a filter machine, as there is a spiral plastic V60 on top of the decanter and to make it even easier, the first 40 filter papers are included too. I am a believer that plastic is the way forward for the V60 and I am not alone.

So when your Hario decanter arrives, all you need is some fresh (James Gourmet?) coffee beans. A filter grinder and a kettle with a good 600ml of soft (or filtered) water in. Since I bought my Stagg EKG kettle I have been obsessing over V60 and enjoying it like never before. Who could have so much fun in under 3 minutes?

If you would like to get some filter papers at the same time, you can find our Hario V02 papers here. We endeavor to keep boxes of 40 and 100papers both in white (bleached) and brown (unbleached).

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