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Guatemalan Finca El Jocote

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Guatemalan Finca El Jocote

Guatemalan Finca El Jocote Espresso roast


Jocote is a new farm to us this season and is one we have really enjoyed brewing and profiling. The filter and espresso roasts are different ends of the roasting scale and it has really pushed us to get this to work as we wanted. If you are looking for vibrant, juicy espresso or a  single estate, single-origin espresso, this may well be worth a look, whilst it’s here!

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Farm: El Jocoté

Owner: Andres Godolfredo Cano
Region: Huehuetenango
Town: San Antonio Huista
Varietal: Caturra, Catuaí, Pache
Processing: Washed, sundried on patio.
Size of Finca:1.3 Hectares
Coffee produced: 1,170KG average
Elevation:1,475 – 1,525 mts
Rainfall:2,300 ml
Temperature:18 – 24ºC Avg
Water Supply: Natural water
Shade Trees: Inga, Gravilea and fruit trees

Roast : Developed espresso

Cup Potential:

In Espresso: Jocote just has SO much soluble that we had to keep on extending the profile until we had a coffee that wasn’t overpoweringly dry. The result is a rich, developed roast, akin to Formula 6 in roast level.

Due to the roast level, dark chocolate is almost a given. Cranberry, SO much brown sugary-ness, and citrus fruits. One of the great things about coffees with high altitudes, like Jocote is that although it is a developed roast, it still has some great acidity in espresso and punches through milk.

16-17g of ground coffee in 33-36g of espresso liquid out  mid-to-late-20-second range; for milk-based drinks and espresso, we tend to keep this short. All of the sweetness just works in one place.

Andres is a second-generation coffee farmer. At Jocote, they typically do 3 passes of hand-picking during the harvest. To ensure quality, coffee is picked only when ripe and then pulped on the day of picking. Cherries are fermented between 24& 36 hours dependent upon the temperature and then dried on the patio for 5-10 days.

“As a child, it was a-given to become a coffee farmer. I tried so hard to reach this dream so much so that once I could have bought my farm I worked from 6 am to 6 pm. This was to make my dreams come true. Together with my workers we smiled and made friends on the ground”, Godolfredo explains.
“Coffee is my passion and a part of my life, I don’t mind investing in it in order to see my plants grow healthy. I want to continue working with coffee while I can and also help the new generation to do so”, tells Godolfredo.


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