Guatemala Gaspar Domingo

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Guatemala Gaspar Domingo

Guatemala Gaspar Domingo

This season our Guatemalan coffees seem to be hard to hang onto. As soon as a new coffee arrives, we seem to be saying goodbye. With Gaspar Domingo, we wanted to share it because of the cup character and quality. We have stuck with Gaspar, (the farm’s owner as its name) this season as although this is grown on white sands, I can already hear the confusion in the office with folks asking for Tipoj.

Top Trumps

Farm: Tipoj (White Sands)

Owner: Gaspar Domingo

Town: Concepcion Huista

Region: Huehuetenango

Country: Guatemala

Altitude: 1500-1600 Meters above sea level.

Varieties: Caturra & Bourbon

Process: Washed

Cup potential:

This is firstly a delicious filter brew!  The northern parts of Guatemala often produce more sweetness and balanced acidity, due to the slower ripening and drying, due to cooler temperatures. For us, this has a jammy acidity and sweetness. Fruit potential of forest berries, such as black currants and raspberry. In espresso, you will get a higher amount of acidity, but the sweetness is a little short of incredible. In either filter or espresso, this could be a great cold brew.

Recipe:  Filter 55-65g per litre, all depending on your water, grinder burrs, etc. Espresso. We have had this working on standard espresso burrs, tasting really good on the early part of the scale  (27 seconds+). In short, we tend to extract lighter roasts for longer as a general rule.

Farm Stuff.

Gaspar Domingo is a first-generation producer. Taking great care to select the most consistent ripe cherries. These are then pulped and sat in mucilage for a day and a half, then dried on patios for the following 6 days or so.





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