Guatemala Finca Santa Marta Fraijanes

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Guatemala Finca Santa Marta Fraijanes

Guatemala Finca Santa Marta Fraijanes Filter Roast

Historically, or should I say “In my experience?” We have previously found more of the solid chocolaty numbers from Fraijanes in the past. Legends and gentlemen of the coffee world like Sergio Barrias from Finca San Fransisco produced very decent high-altitude coffees from the most difficult places to get to. Santa Marta is situated between Fraijanes and Jalapa in a place called Mataquescuintla. This is such a sweet, fruity, ripe, easy-drinking coffee.

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Farm: Santa Marta  Owner: David Rodríguez Batres

Region: Mataquescuintla, Jalapa/Fraijanes

Varietals: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Pache Red Bourbon

Lot Varietal: Red Bourbon

Processing: Washed, sundried on the patio

Size of Finca: 45.5 hectares

Elevation: 1,800 – 2,200 meters

Rainfall: 1,600 ml

Temperature: 18 – 24ºC

Harvest period: January/February

Water Supply: Natural Spring Water

Soil: Loamy clay soils  Shade Trees: Gravilea

Roast: Light Filter.

Cup Potential:

Aromatically this starts out as salted caramel on the crust. As this opens up we have a black grape sweetness, plummy acidity, some fresh fig sweetness, and lime citrus linger. As the liquor cools there is a jammy sweetness and the former tea-like body thickens a little. This is much lighter in body than some of the other Guatemalan farms, so far this season.

Filter: 60g per litre and upwards.

Farm Info.

David is a second-generation farmer. Santa Marta was formerly owned by Isreal  Escalante who started with 20 manzanes, some 14 hectares. The farm has grown slowly and where some thought it would not be possible to grow a quality at this altitude, they have been proven wrong!


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