• Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila Espresso

Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila Espresso Roast

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Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila Espresso Roast

Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila

After a few profiles, we found that Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila worked best as either a great filter or an espresso. There was too much of a compromise with one roast. Unlike the filter roast, when you consider how most people brew espresso and what they do with it, the outcome in the cup will almost be the opposite. More below.

Finca Rosma is well renowned as a top coffee producer in Huehuetenango and has been winning national and international competitions since 2010.

Top Trumps

Farm; Rosma

Lot: la Pila (The Pillar)

Size: 13.9  Hectares

Country: Guatemala

Owner: Dr. Fredy Morales

Nearest Town: San Pedro Necta

Region: Huehuetenango

Altitude: 1710-1880 Meters above sea level.

Varietals: Caturra and Red Bourbon

Process: Fully Washed and Dried undercover.

Roast: Espresso Roast.

Espresso Potential:

Aromatics; Chocolate Orange | Body Silky | Acidity: Orange|

9oz Milk-based drinks. This is a dream with whole milk, You get a lovely milk-chocolatey base flavour with underlying orange citrus coming through.

6oz Milk-based drinks. Deeper chocolate and more of the sweet citrus.

Espresso: Now we are talking! Soft sweet orange, cocoa, dark chocolate, followed by a long citrus finish.


Our standard recipe worked really well. We usually set our espresso machines to 93.5C for espresso roasts. Set up using a La Marzocco classic AV, a Mahlkonig E65, and also a Niche Zero. The Niche worked well around 17.

Milk-based drinks: 17g of coffee into 34-36g of espresso liquid in 25-30 seconds.

Espresso: 17g into 45-50g of espresso liquid in 26-32 seconds. I enjoyed shots 30 seconds plus.

Farm info

In 1963, Don Alejandro Morales bought this farm, with old bourbon and typica trees on it.  In 1980, his son Dr. Fredy Morales inherited the farm and named it Rosma (short for Rosemary) after his wife. Back then, there was no road and everything was moved by mule. Alongside the community of Caserío Buena Vista, together they built a road to Rosma, benefitting the whole community. Bringing fresh spring water (5Km) to the farm was one of their greatest achievements. This has allowed them to run an ecological wet mill and also process great washed coffees.

Since 2010 Rosma has been highly placed in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence and been producing some incredible coffees. Here is what they wrote about it, at the Cup of Excellence in 2010

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