Guatemala Finca Las Brisas

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Guatemala Finca Las Brisas Filter Roast

Guatemala Finca Las Brisas

Here is our first New Crop Guatemalan coffee of 2023. This is the easiest filter coffee to drink, that you can imagine. Guatemala Finca Las Brisas is going to be with us for a little while, starring in Chapin, alongside a few others to keep things fresh until our second part of the harvest arrives near Christmas. I didn’t think I would be writing that word in May. Yikes! Unusually this has a really soft acidity that will please crowds and not hit too hard on your wallet either.

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Farm; Finca Las Brisas

Size: 350 Hectares

Country: Guatemala

Owners: Marvin Carias.

Nearest Town: Aldea Las Brisas, Mataquesquintla

Region: New Oriente region, about 45 miles from Jalapa City

Altitude: 16-1700 Meters above sea level.

Varietals: Pache, Catuaí

Total Crop: 34.5 tons

Process: Fully Washed:

Roast: Filter Roast.

Cup Potential:🥣

Aromatics; Coffee aftershave (it’s a thing) Floral and sweet | Body Light, creamy on cooling| Acidity: Medium, sweet, apple acidity|

If I was lazy, I could just write toffee apple here. This is a big farm and a simple, yet easy-drinking coffee.

On opening, this is a confident, unambiguous medium apple acidity, with a toffee/ caramel body and lingering citrus finish. Simple, clean, sweet, perfect easy drinking filter coffee. On cooling the acidity reduces and there is a sugary-peanut moment, followed by drying and deepening of the fruit.

Filter  60g per litre

Farm info

Marvin bought his first parcel of land in this area in 1990. Over time they added to their farm with various parcels of land as the business grew. Over the years he has improved the farm practices, replanted some of the older trees, and implemented a system of shade management to improve the farm. Now, he operates a wet mill in addition to Finca Las Brisas, which Marvin works to ensure smart water usage. To avoid contamination, they built an 8-stage, water-cleaning plant now can recycle the water. Marvin aims to improve the coffee quality every year, and does this using some organic fertilisers and sustainable methods.

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