• Guatemala Finca La Esperanza Espresso Roast

Guatemala Finca La Esperanza Espresso

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Guatemala Finca La Esperanza

Guatemala Finca La Esperanza Espresso Roast.

Getting the right Guatemalan coffees this season has not been easy. Seeing Guatemalan prices coming in, with parity to great Kenyas, you could be excused for thinking that the world has literally gone mad, or has it?  I think all of this turbulence is a small price to pay, in the general scheme of 2022.

Back to the job at hand; Esperanza is a great example of all things juicy, clean, and bright and all of what we might hope from Huehuetenango.

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Farm; Finca La Esperanza

Country Guatemala

Owners: Francisco Morales

Region: Huehuetenango

Altitude: 1700 Meters above sea level.

Varietals: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, and Paches

Shade Trees: Chalum and Gravilea

Process: Washed

Roast: Traditional Espresso. A touch lighter than House Blends like Formula 6 or Simply Brazil.


The general rule, I would recommend resting this coffee, a week from roast. We got lots more from it after resting. We have been using 16-18g of coffee into 32-36g of espresso liquid, for milk-based drinks and this still works better for me with more liquid as espresso, so 45-55g as a suggestion.

Cup Potential :

In a 9oz, milk-based (dairy) drink: this is butterscotch and dark chocolate. It is quite developed, compared with some of our other coffees. This is not wildly complex, but it is a crowd-pleasing drink that lets you know it’s in your cup!

6oz Milk-based-drink. Lots of cocoa and lingering citrus. 👊👊

Espresso. For such an achiever in milk, this is relatively shy as espresso. Green apple, cocoa, and lime.


Farm info

Over the last 40 years, Francisco and his wife have continually been learning about coffee husbandry and how to improve their crop. To this day, Francisco has an inquisitive streak and is always looking to improve what they do.  This season they have dried the parchment coffee under shade nets, to improve the gradual process of drying and with the aim of enhancing flavour and prolonging shelf-life (AKA slowing water activity).

Esperanza; meaning Hope is an optimistic name. The Farm supports the family and a number of people around it. With 117 hectares and an average production total of only 17 tons a year.

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