Guatemala Finca Filadelfia Filter Roast.

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Guatemala Finca Filadelfia

Guatemala Finca Filadelfia Filter Roast.

Here (at last!) is our first single estate coffee from Guatemala in 2022. This is the first of a few, you may be happy to know. If you like juicy, super clean washed coffees, then there is every chance that you may love this too. Grown in the most famous coffee region of Guatemala by a renowned coffee family.

In a season where there has been a reduced workforce and higher prices of everything related to production, and our currency is knock-downable by a feather it’s a wonder that we have coffee at all! Filadelfia is larger than our usual coffee model in Guatemala, but a great benchmark for coffees to come.

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Farm; Finca Filadelfia

Country Guatemala

Owners: The Dalton Family

Region: Antigua (One of the 7 former wonders of the coffee world)

Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Villa Sarchi

Process: Washed

Roast: Light to medium Filter.

Cup Potential:šŸ„£

Aromatics; Lemon Cookie Dough | Body medium-creamy| Acidity: Mainly citric |

From the first bit of hot consumption (for me), this is big on brown sugar that has a sweet citrus finish. This is followed by a pure and very clean acidity. You may also find sweet white citrus, toffee, milk chocolate, some red apple on cooling, and a long citrus finish. In short, this is clean, easy, and tasty. Second cup filter.

FilterĀ  60g per litre and up.

Farm info

Finca Filadelfia is one of the forefathers of coffee in Antigua. Founded in 1870, during times of financial hardship, propagating a million coffee plants, as part of a national campaign to stimulate an industry in this new-fangled agricultural commodity. Today the family is some 4 generations in and still looks to expand on the previous generation. Filadelfia has its own hotel complex and you can buy roasted coffee or even an espresso machine from them.

What is remarkable, beyond the economic model, is that the cup quality is superb. I bought some coffee back from (Filadelfia) Guatemala in 2010 and this is so much better. I often don’t remember names, but coffees are a different matter.

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