Guatemala Finca El Pelicano

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Guatemala Finca El Pelicano

Guatemala Finca El Pelicano, Filter

The Peli is back and better than ever!
Five years ago, Nathan pulled this farms’ coffee out, when he was up in Huehuetenango Guatemala. Rather than just losing this coffee in the local mill brand, we took it on. Pelicano has gone from a smallholding, where their coffees were dried on a patio by day and scooped into sacks and stored next to their beds at night to a farm that has expanded and bought the neighbouring plot. This is a success story!  Finca El Pelicano. Randomly named (on the fly) after a lost seabird that died many miles off course at the home of the tiniest coffee farm/ Homestead you can imagine, hung up as a creature and thing of beauty on a beam.
Since our discovery of Pelicano, it has increased from 9 bags to over 50 in a season.

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Farm: El Pelicano

Region: Huehuetenango

Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, a bit of Mundo Novo

Processing: Fully washed (Wet Milling and sun-dried on patios)

Size of Finca: 8 Hectares Kilos produced: 1,343 (avg. Year) This year over three tonnes.

Elevation: 1,500 – 1,700 mts

Rainfall: 1,800 ml

Temperature: 18 – 22 c

Water Supply: Natural Spring Water

Soil: limestone

Shades Trees: Chalum

Owner: Francisco Florencio Méndez Ramírez and Family

Town/City: Michicoy,

Roast:  Medium to developed filter roast.

Cup possibilities:

2018 is the cleanest year of Pelicano so far.  Rich buttery dark chocolate, Sweet lime, and some white grape notes.

60-65g per litre.

Farm Info

These coffee lands have belonged to the Mendez family for over 50 years, initially worked by Francisco’s Father.  Francisco is now fully in charge of the coffee production, following the steps and tradition of his father. Francisco’s Father taking care of the coffee on the patios, while his son teaches in the local public middle school.  Francisco is the second generation in charge of the plantation and coffee. He has made some changes and improvements in the management of the fields, shade, fertilisation, and pruning. With years of working in coffee, they have survived the many adversities that come with agriculture and the difficulties of selling coffee from such a remote region in the mountains of Huehuetenango (It takes over 10 hours to drive to their wet mill from Guatemala City). They have battled against coffee diseases, like leaf rust, climate change, erosion and depletion of the soils. However, they believe firmly that having a direct access to international markets of speciality coffee is the way forward for their family and coffee.

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