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Gift Bags

This year, we thought, rather than producing lots of different random themes of products to go in Gift Bags, why not make the bags available for you to buy and put in lots of our lovely coffees, teas, and or chocolates?  This year we could even have roasted 5 different processes alone of the San Isidro varietal, from one farm. It would have pleased about .0001% of you, but we could have done it! You choose what you like and we’ll add the bag to your order.

If you would like a few links to things you can fill your bag with:

You can find fab teas from the Nilgiri Hills here

Fantastic range of coffees here if I don’t say so myself.

Standard Teas Here

Or if you are lost, and they already have everything for making great coffee, there is always a subscription.

Show us what you have put in your bags, within reason of course! @jamesgourmetcoffee.com






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