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The gift of sustainable “loved” coffee and tea is a great thing. We have some really nice options for you. Beautiful Christmas bags that we can send directly to almost anyone, anywhere.
When you buy these (or almost any of our products) they are unique, bespoke and only developed by us for you.

What are in the bags? For the end of 2019 we have:

*The Delish espresso  bag of beans: Winter Hoard 2019| Formula 6| Colombian El Eden and El Salvador Finca Malacara A

*The Fab Filter bag of beans includes Winter Hoard 2019|Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Alemayehu Daniel| Peru Flor del Norte| Colombian El Eden|

The Three Bag: Winter Hoard 2019 Beans | Nilgiri Pearl Tea| 1 bag of Barry Colenso’s Fab Chocolate pieces|

Gift Bag 2+2 (Beans & Leaves)Winter Hoard| Eden| Nilgiri Slender| Nilgiri Pearl|

Gift Bag: 5  Unique Nilgiri Teas. If you like tea, you should love these. They have opened up many minds in recent weeks and we hope that more people get them.

Each bag includes a Scandinavian ceramic Christmas tree, for your seasonal hygge. Sadly the wooden reindeer (AKA Duane-deer and Dex-deer made by one of the coffee family) couldn’t fit.

If you would like your coffee ground please let us know as you order. Warmest thanks.


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