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Gift Bags for the Winter 2021/22

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Gift Bags for the Winter 2021/22

Gift Bags for the Winter 2021/22

The gift of sustainable “loved” coffee and tea is a great thing. We have some really nice options for you. Beautiful Gift bags that we can send directly to almost anyone, almost anywhere.
When you buy these (or almost any of our products) they are unique, bespoke, and only developed by us for you.

This year we also include a bespoke Christmas tree decoration for you, made by our lovely friends at The Horizon Centre. They are truly FAB.

What are in the bags?

  • The Exotic Coffee Gift bag! Yes, 3 x 250g bags of “Woah!” naturals and anaerobic craziness with a seasonal bag of Winter Hoard. All One Roast.
  • The Traditional Espresso Gift Bag : 3 x 250g bags of Beans roasted so that they work in milk and a bag of Winter Hoard (and Formula 6, Simply Brazil, Chapin )
  • The Filter bag: 4x 250g (Four fabulous filter coffees including Winter Hoard.) I am leaving this open as we have and love too many.
  • The Mixed bag: 2 x 250g Coffee, 2 x 50g Nilgiri teas, and chocolate. (Kenya Thiriku peaberry and Winter Hoard. Nilgiri Black Pearl and Nilgiri Dewdrop and a “Barry Colenso” Luxury Chocolate.)
  • Luxury Nilgiri Tea Bag.  5 Unique, outstanding, and beautifully produced teas from the Nilgiri hills in India. (Black Pearl/ Green Wilderness Chai/ Green Dewdrop/ Green Bamboo/ White Peony)

More options in the days to come…


If you would like your coffee ground please let us know as you order. Warmest thanks.

We can mix and match different options for you, with notice.

These will be available for shipping from now to mid-December. If you have any questions, let’s talk!


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