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Gift-bags-for-Christmas 2022

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gift-bags-for-Christmas 2022

Gift-bags-for-Christmas 2022

The gift of sustainable “loved” coffee and tea is a great thing. We have some really nice options for you. Beautiful Gift bags that we can send directly to almost anyone, almost anywhere (apart from the EU, sorry)
When you buy these (or almost any of our products) they are unique, bespoke, and only developed by us for you.

What are in the bags?

  • Filter Coffee Bag. We will choose 4 coffees that we really like brewing as filter coffee.
  • The One Roast Bag. 4 different coffees that we love to brew as filter and espresso.
  • The Espresso Bag. 4 tried and tested solid coffees that brew well as espresso and cut through milk.
  • Nilgiri Tea Bag. 5 of the best 50g Nilgiri teas plus a bag of Nilgiri Tea bags.
  •  The All in One bag: One bag of Filter Coffee, One bag of One roast coffee, One bag of espresso beans, One bag of Nilgiri Tea bags, and a bag of our Colombian Chocolate discs.



Each bag will have a handmade wooden coffee ornament, for your Christmas Tree; made by our neighbours,  the wonderful Horizon Centre team.

If you are not collecting, we’ll send your gift bag, wrapped in tissue paper, in a  James Gourmet Box. Please get your order(s) in on time.


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