• Hario V60 Papers

Filter Papers for V60

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Filter Papers for V60

Filter Papers for V60

Paper Sizes

Here, we have Hario filter papers. They are available in 1 cup or V1 and also 2 cups or V02.


These papers are available as Bleached and unbleached or white and brown. It is often said that brown (unbleached papers take a lot more rinsing to lose the papery taste). There is of course the environmental angle too.

Pack sizes

We offer Hario V60 papers in packs of 40 and packs of 100.

Probably a silly question, but have you got your dripper yet? If not Hario Drippers in v1 and v2’s are here  Due to the economic nature of the standard V60, papers are not usually included.


Hario is arguably the original V60 brand and probably the best.

Why not share with us, your favourite V60 brew?

As a small update, here I feel the need to apologise that the prices of paper has steadily risen this year. We are grossing £1 per pack and trying to stabelise the current madness.


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