• Fellow Stagg Black EKG Electric Pouring Kettle

Fellow Stagg Pouring Kettle

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Fellow Stagg Pouring Kettle

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pouring Kettle 900ml

Electric pouring kettles are more than a design statement. They just make filter brewing more accurate and (generally speaking) taste better. I have owned a Fellow Stagg Black EKG Electric Pouring Kettle for some time now and literally use it every day. It is so easy to use and just looks great, when in use or just sitting there, next to my Ode Grinder. If you like precision (of temperature) and the advantage of a controlled pour, this is for you.

A few great things about this kettle:

Quick heat time.

Accurate to the degree

LCD Display

60 minute hold time.

PID Controller

Brew Stop Watch

Fahrenheit or Celcius.

I absolutely love my Stagg EKG and am very hesitant to bring it back to the roastery for anything. We have used a number of pouring kettles from various places and this is the best yet. On top of the fact that this grinder is at the  2020-2021 price, we have discounted it for you.

Did you know that when you buy a Fellow EKG, in the UK, you automatically qualify for 20% off coffee? True at the moment.  The less great news is that new deliveries are going to be more expensive.

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