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Fellow Pouring Kettles

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Fellow Pouring Kettles

Like the best of pets, these kettles are not just for Christmas. If you have an gas or electric hob in your life these are simply good-looking, versatile pouring kettles, that won’t need plugging in. If you like to brew outdoors, just keep your flame within the width of the base of the kettle, to avoid melting the handle, or put it on a solid plate.

I have had a copper one of these for a few years now and it just makes coffee-making look (and subsequently) feel a bit better every time I brew with it. Pouring kettles are just one of those everyday items that can be lovely or not.

Product Stats:  Fellow Pouring Kettles

Options: Colours: Black, White, Stainless or Copper.

Features: Gooseneck pouring spout. You can decide if you are going to pour old-school osmotic or a 2-minute Hoffmann special.

Thermometer dial on the lid of your kettle.

Capacity: Up to one litre

Hardy, well-made, sleek looking.

If you want to go the whole hog, you can also find Fellow drippers and papers here.

These are simple products and probably don’t need an essay.

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