Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Mokonisa,

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Mokonisa,

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Mokonisa,

As we see the very early season naturals arrive from this harvest (end of 2018 and beginning of 2019), we have this gem saved from the end of the previous harvest. As a coffee company, we have to secure enough coffee as a coffee company without coffee is a “..?..”. Well not much of anything, to be precise. Natural process coffees are not for everyone, athough at least half of us love them!

Our lovely team is split by natural process coffees. Typically the ladies prefer clean, washed and pulped naturals that vary from chocolate and nuts through to bright berried cups, where the boys tend to favour the ripe and boozy end of the scale too.

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Farmer: Nigatu Wese

Area: Mokanisa

Valley: Wonago

Region: Yirgacheffe

Varietals: Mixed heirloom, Kurume, Wolesho, Dega

Altitude: 1600 Meters above sea level

Process: Natural.

Cup potential:

If you pour your filter brew into a brandy glass, it can help with three things. Firstly, for some, this will look amazingly pretentious. Get over it, I am experimenting with my coffee. Secondly, if you swirl (or agitate, if you prefer) you can release more of the aromatics of the coffee brew. Thirdly this now feels and looks like a drink on a different level to a bog-standard mug. With all of that out faff of the way, this coffee is delicate, floral, sweet and boozy. A little strawberry, melon sweetness and luxuriously complex. If I write more, I will ruin it for you, as the great thing is that by brewing it differently you will probably get more (or at least different things) from it.

Recipe: 55g per litre upwards.

Farm Info

Nigatu Wese is the producer behind the natural Yirgacheffe-1. He dries his coffee on self-constructed drying beds. After 12 to 14 days (depending on the weather), Nigatu brings his coffee to the Ayele Degu mill at Wonago – to mill his coffee.
It is Nigatu’s vision to grow the volume of his yield every harvest and to receive a good price for his work. With the income from his coffee, Nigatu can cover school expenses for his children. “We earned a living through coffee and my household solely depends on this crop.” – Nigatu Wese, explains. Besides coffee, Nigatu grows false banana (used primarily for shade and food for his family) and a range of fruits.


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