Ethiopian Suke Quto Operation Cherry Red 2018



Ethiopian Suke Quto Natural Process.

As many of you who know me, I have a soft spot for Tesfaye and Suke Quto farm. There is always a temptation to keep on buying the next new coffee on the block, however, relationships are also important as every aspect of every business needs some customers. Coffee shops without customers don’t sell coffee and the same with roasteries, coffee growers and so forth.

We quietly keep washed Suke Quto here all year, because “we” (also known as Peter) have a soft spot for it. The delicate crisp acidity is such a great coffee for us. It is always nice to be able to reward one of the farms we work with when they grow something exceptional. Here is the cherry (ooh pun alert) on the icing on the cake. Operation Cherry Red is a project that we have loved since day one and has been so good for us too. This is a late harvest, naturally processed coffee. This has been late shipped and is the very sweetest of the sweet. This is a world apart from the shy and subtle pre-shipment. This is bold and fully opened up, tasting boozy, ripe, sweet and fruity.

Name: Suke Quto Farm
Coffee type: Natural process Arabica
Varieties: Kurume and Welicho
Certification: Organic (IF Ordered as)
Location: Oromia Region, Guji Zone Sidamo
Altitude:1800 – 2200 meters
Soil type: Loamy soil
Average rainfall:950mm
Shade trees: Millettia Ferruginea, Cordia Africana, Albizia Gummifera, Anigeria, Croton Macrostachyus, Eucberigia

Cup Profile:

We roast Suke Quto as a light roast as that is where the magic is, as the coffee cools.
Depending on your water and grinder; I would start at 55g per liter and as necessary increase to get the balance you need.
This is brewable as espresso but shy in milk. We will be playing and seeing just how far we can stretch this in extractions over the coming days and weeks.

Operation Cherry Red is a project that we have loved since day one. We get access to some even better and even sweeter lots and pay premiums for them. It is no secret that we buy much of our Ethiopian coffee from Trabocca as they have been reinvesting and paying premiums on the ground in Ethiopia for years. Trabocca started working with Suke Quto in 2009 and have been a major part of increasing the quality of coffee produced there as well as investing in infrastructure and even a school.

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