Ethiopian Mulish Washing Station Espresso

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Ethiopian Mulish Washing Station Espresso

Ethiopian Mulish Washing Station Espresso
Why more Naturals, Why Ethiopian a g a i n and why not an Omni roast and why not a single farm?

So many questions about this one. This could be a touch of over-kill and if so, I apologise. We love well processed natural coffees. Once you have got your head around the idea that coffee flavour can be this diverse, not just over-enthusiastic artistic salespeople with big flared sleeves and imaginations.

Natural process is logically how coffee was discovered. Whole cherry, with pulp on…and parchment too, in Ethiopia.  I have banged the drum more than once before, about how the unique varietals, micro-climates, and many hands make Ethiopia’s coffee positively unique.

In Ethiopia, we are lucky enough to buy from some private estates, however, there are many washing stations that buy coffee from the many small individual farmers, such as Mulish. The

over-all quality is excellent.

Area: Danbi Uddo, Guji Zone, Sidamo

Villages: Shakisso Woreda (Valley).

Producers: 850 producers collectively with between 2 and 5 Hectares.

Varietals: Heirloom (There are a multitude of between 6 and 10,000 unique varietals within Ethiopia and due to the many producers it is hard to be specific)

Altitude -1800-2100ms

Roast profile: Super Light Espresso.

Cup profile: The reason this is not down as an Omni roast is that there is more “magic” to come with this lot as a lighter roast, this is extractable as filter, but just not as good as it could be. Broadly speaking this coffee is sweet, ripe and clean. Think figs, prunes, and raisin (brown fruit sugars or Pedro Ximenez) ripeness, Maple syrup. Floral fruit tea. Zesty.

Espresso: Ripe berries of the forest and soft citrus. In milk, this will deliver ripeness paired with subtle citrus up to 9oz. With lighter roasts like this, we like to extract longer 35 seconds plus. Our espresso shots have been good over 45ml and 40 seconds, which is long but just works.


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