Ethiopian Alemayehu Daniel

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Ethiopian Alemayehu Daniel

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Alemayehu Daniel Natural, One Roast

Alemayehu Daniel Farm is far from being just another Ethiopian natural coffee that you can brew inside out. This is the kind of coffee that I want to keep brewing, as there are so many little subtleties that you can extract from it. When brewed well this is delicious in every brew method. I know, I am the extremely biassed one, but a cafetiere can be all about sweet citrus and a decent brew of a V60 can be the sweetest, soft dried pineapple. In espresso, the shot is citrus-sherbet- like and there is more of a natural element in milk-based drinks than anywhere else.  Yes, it was selfish of me to buy this…but sharing a good thing is what we like to do.

When we start roasting this coffee I keep taking it home. Yes, it literally is at home and has been for 3 weeks. That’s rare for me.


Top Trumps:

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Area: Gedeb

Producer: Alemayehu Daniel

Process: Natural

Varietals: Heirloom

Altitude: 2050-2100 Meters above sea level.

Harvest: November to February 

Roast; Light filter. Brewable as espresso.

Cup potential.

Aromatics: Candied Lemon         Body:  Silky           Acidity: Medium; Citrus & pineapple, dried fruit

From the get-go, Alemayehu Daniel’s coffee is all about sweetness. There is a balance of ripeness, sweet citrus, and dried fruit. How you brew will depend so much on the flavour outcome, with this incredibly versatile coffee. For me, this coffee all started off with variants of sweet citrus that all merged into pineapple and apricots with a long citrus linger. In a V60 this was all pineapple! and almost a different coffee altogether in espresso.

Filter Recipe:

we have been brewing this at a starting point of 60g per litre,


1-2. Longer extractions have been delicious, 30-40 seconds around 93C has worked really well. These also work in milk, if they need to.

Alemayehu Daniel Farm

Alemayehu Daniel Farm is far from being just another Ethiopian natural coffee that you can brew inside out. This is a farm-driven by a young man who just lives to prove to his late father that he is worthy of the family name and the coffee legacy his father left. On the year that his father died (Daniel Miju), Alemayehu Daniel Farm became a winner in the Operation Cherry Red auction. 2018.

Alemayehu has his own export license and is recognised by the Ethiopian government as a top-quality producer.

If you would like to read the whole story you can read it hereWe don’t own his story but are truly delighted to have his coffee here again.



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