• Envy Digital Mini Scale

Envy Digital Mini Scale


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Envy Digital Mini Scale

Envy Digital Mini Scale

It is no surprise that we love scales at James Gourmet. Just about everyone I know would agree. So many things we do, that need to be repeatable require scales. From brewing just about every sort of coffee there is to tea.

When we brew espresso, 0.1g is important, so moving up from the old Avery scales or Salter, is a good step.

For the price tag, these scales are excellent. If you are weighing your portafilter, then this is probably not for you. You would do better to invest in Acaia Lunar Espresso Scales or Brewista II scales perhaps. If you are not going to weigh the PF, you could just pop the basket out and weigh that, as well as everything else you need to weigh, that is under 500g.




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