El Salvador Finca Malacara “A” Espresso

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El Salvador Finca Malacara “A” Espresso

El Salvador Finca Malacara “A” Espresso roast

So we are very open-minded when it comes to how we share a coffee. This year the arrival samples of Malacara were and are so good. we have another great delivery of the plummy, juiciness of the good times years ago.  We also have to remember the hardship that El Salvador has gone through in the last years with rust and reduced harvests by an average of 40% and a market in the doldrums. The good news is that this is sustainable and of course delicious!

Top Trumps

Finca Malacara is an important coffee to us at James Gourmet. Apart from being a connection between people (which is a long and complicated story spanning nearly 40 years), it is also an exceptional coffee in the good years.

Farm; Malacara A

Country El Salvador

Owners: Epe Guillermo and María de Los Angeles Alvarez Prunera ( Forth generation of the Alvarez family to run Malacara)

Region Apeneca Ilamatepec Mountain range

Varietal: Red Bourbon (90%) and Typica.

Process: Washed

Cup Potential:

This is fresh, like cooked plums on the front end, bright, sweet, clean and juicy some chocolaty notes. This is such a great espresso and is like an autumnal pudding in milk.

Roast level: This is lighter than our “Traditional” style espresso and for some would be a great filter option if you like milk in your coffee.

Brewer’s tip: In espresso-based drinks, we have been enjoying 16g-17g of ground coffee into the usual 35-40g range, for milk-based drinks. For espresso, we tend to make these a little longer so run more like 45-50g up to the early ’30s.

Malacara was founded in the late 1880’s when the first coffee was planted there. Over time, the farm became the family’s home and then it was separated and split between siblings.  Today Malacara A has a great reputation across the coffee world.

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