Ecuador Finca Los Romerillos

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Ecuador Finca Los Romerillos 

Ecuador Finca Los Romerillos Filter Roast

Each and every coffee that comes into our roastery takes time and investment to define giving it the respect that it deserves. We have had this tiny lot of coffee for a few weeks now and rather than rushing at getting this lot of coffee out, we have lingered over it. It is now quite hard to let it go as it is the sweetest, complex, juicy little number, that is little short of stunning in filter.

Farm Stuff:

Producer: William Efren Mayo Hidalgo

Scale: 100 Hectare farm. 25 Hectares of Coffee.

Region: Zamora Province

Altitude: 1650 Meters above sea level. Grown in partial shade.

Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Catuai

Process: 95% washed and 5% Honey process. Dried on covered, raised beds.

Cup potential:

The aromatics of this coffee just shout “Wow this is going to be something!”. We have had so much from this coffee. Green/ yellow plum, apricot, maple, lime, juicy and pithy if you are patient enough to drink this down to cooling. This is a vibrant and complex thinkers brew. Start around 60g per litre. As beans, this coffee will improve for a good few weeks in the bag. This is an example of a superb coffee that was meant to be roasted light as a filter.

Since William was a child, his father taught him the importance and the beauty of working in agriculture. His father has been a coffee grower too. William was born and raised around coffee cultivation. Since day one, he has loved the coffee production. When he was a kid, he always dreamed of being a coffee producer, just like his father, which later became a reality. He started to help his father on the farm, and as the years passed, he was able to purchase his own farm.



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