Ecuador Finca El Granjero

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Ecuador Finca El Granjero 

Ecuador Finca El Granjero One Roast 

It has been a long time coming, and here is our first offering from Ecuador. If Ecuador is a new coffee on your map too, we liken it to top quality, micro-farms from Bolivia. The best bits of the Americas, in terms of body, sweetness, and fruit. We have sat on this coffee for a few weeks and selfishly tasted it inside out and it can almost do no wrong. We have got to know the farm as Miguel Sanchez (this happens in the roastery when we spend a lot of time on one coffee, it’s coffee from a person rather than a farm).

Farm Info

Farm owner: Miguel Sanchez & Judith Davila

Farm size: 4 hectares (all in coffee) Association of independent producers, member.

Country/Region: North Ecuador, Parroquia.

Altitude: 1850 Meters above sea level

Varietals: Typica, Bourbon and San Salvador

Process: Fully Washed

Cup profile:

This is such an easy and forgiving coffee to brew. In the cup, there is the potential for green fruits, such as gooseberry or kiwi, some savoury notes, like cacao and some dry citrus. The citrus is more dominant in light, quicker, cooler espresso brews. There is more complexity with filter brewing this coffee and the possibility of more layers of fruit. We find this works incredibly well in the usual parameters of 60g per litre of filter and 1:2 17g coffee into 34g espresso 30-35 seconds. Lighter roasts often benefit from a slightly longer extraction.

Miguel is passionate about agriculture and nature. As an agronomist, farm life has been one long experiment, whilst protecting the environment at the same time.

In 2012, Miguel started looking for new crops to grow and speciality coffee was the one that stuck. Since 2015 he has improved the infrastructure and the way he processes his coffee, with future plans to increase production.

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