Decaffeinated Guatemala Small Producers of Huehuetenango 250g Espresso Roast.

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Decaffeinated Guatemala Small Producers of Huehuetenango

Decaffeinated Guatemala Small Producers of Huehuetenango

To Caff or not to Caff, that is THE question???

At James’ Gourmet Decaf is important to us, it’s more than just 4% of our coffee! If we do something with coffee, we like to do it as well as we think it can be done. If you are a JG decaf drinker, you may know that we like to change things around and this is our sixth (?), so far in 2019. This lot we have bought a bit more of, so we all have a bit more continuity.

Top Trumps

Farmer Group Information

Small Producers Huehuetenango, Guatemala; Roger Hernandez Jorge Cifuentes Isaias Fermin Denin de Leon, Mireily Villaroro Candelaria Clara Mynor Can

Region: Huehuetenango

Town; San Antonio Huista

Coffee Processing: Fully washed, fermented and sun-dried

Varietals: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon

Elevation: 1,550 – 1,650 Meters

Rainfall: 2,000 ml

Temperature: 15 – 30ºC

Shade Trees:  Gravilea, Chalun and Fruit trees

Decaffeination: Co2. A mixture of gas and liquids, steamed, compressed and carbon filtered. This keeps most of the integrity of the coffee.

Roast: Trad’ Espresso.  Developed enough to cut through milk in a 9oz cup. That’s our usual marker.

Cup potential.

In espresso, this is sweet bright and apple-like. Some spice notes, especially when fresh and a buttery pastry note, on cooling, for those who can drink cold/ cooling espresso?

Starting recipe: This is so dependent on the equipment you use and what you want the coffee to do. If I started last week, I would probably recommend 21g of coffee into 30g of liquid…but that wouldn’t taste as good as 14-16g of coffee into 35g of liquid. I have enjoyed this extracting from 20 seconds and up. Because the coffee is a bit more developed in roast than some of our others, it won’t need as much extraction time or temperature.

Farm Info

This lot is made up of seven farms, in Huehuetenango who work with our mill owners. The coffees that are picked for decaffeination are still decent coffees, but not as high scoring as our single estates from the region. We are talking fresh crop coffee, just harvested, shipped, blended and decaffeinated.





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