• Decaffeinated Ethiopian Shakisso Farm One Roast

Decaffeinated Ethiopian Shakisso Farm One Roast

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Cup profile 🍜

Aromatics: Lemon Tea| Body: Creamy | Acidity: Lemon Curd|

What a difference a roast makes. Lemon curd sweetness, a little creaminess in the body, a little black tea, and a little panela (sugar cane) like sweetness on cooling. If you are looking for it there is a touch of co2 processing and a hint of salt. Overall a sweet lovely decaf. On the final pass, any whiff of decaf has gone. I think of this as end-to-end citrus, a nice brew.

Basic Starting Recipe: 60g per liter.


Without sounding lazy, I started this brew off with my normal recipe of 1:2 for milk-based and 1:265 for espresso.

In English: 17g of coffee -34 ish for milk-based and espresso 17g into 45-50g of espresso liquid.

Milk-based drinks were/ are like lemon shortbread up to 8oz. If you are going to make more milk-based drinks I might be tempted to increase your brew temp from 93.5 (my go-to) to 94.5

The espresso is delicate, sweet, lemony (surprise!) and clean.

The Shakisso Story.

The history of Haile, who experienced upheaval at the age of 10 from the family coffee-smallholding. Proved his intelligence by working in various capacities. You can read the whole story here. Like Tesfaye Bekeley, Haile, instinctively was driven back to his roots although not where he started. There is a video here of “The Godfather of Guji” here.

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