Decaffeinated Colombian Risaralda Espresso

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Decaffeinated Colombian Risaralda Espresso

Decaffeinated Colombian Risaralda EA Espresso Roast

Before El Carmen and the Red Associations at Raw, decaf was almost a bi-product of fresh coffee. Today, when we have the luxury of a top coffee like this, it is easy to forget how fast things have changed. In the current climate, I just try and buy as much Raw Material decaf as I can, but the word has got out and demand outstrips supply today. Me and my big mouth?

Since we first had Risaralda decaf, things have changed quite a bit. Today we can buy enough decaf, which is a huge relief. The quality is better than I ever remember it and due to market forces (AKA cost), demand has eased a little.

Decaffeinated Colombian Risaralda

Producer groups: Santuario, El Aguila, and Entreverdes

Region: Risaralda

Country: Colombia

Altitude: 1400-2100 MASL (there’s a variation in altitude if I ever saw one)

Varietals; Castillo and Colombia.

Roast:  Espresso Decaf is used by a number of our customers across a wide range of environments. When we roast it we have to try and please as many of you as we can. You could try the filter roast and extract it longer if you choose to. For me, this roast comes alive extracted in the late 20 seconds and beyond.

Cup Potential:

Aromatics: Juicy | Body: Creamy|Acidity:  Bright and balanced|

Brew Temp: 94.4C

Starting recipe: 17g into 35g in 23-27 seconds for milk-based drinks

Espresso: 17g into 40-50g.

We found that this is stunning and fruity in 9oz milk-based drinks, way more than we were expecting. In a 6oz flat-white, this is bright, juicy, and really punchy, not in a roasty sense. In espresso, this is bright on the opening, with a little savoury dip, followed by a real jammy, juicy acidity. The espresso is possibly the only place that you would detect the slightest hint of decaffeination.

Red Associations

This coffee is a blend comprised of a group of small producers, who are working under a sustainability program. This system takes the risk out of the lows of the market and ensures enough is paid to the producer.

Let us know how you get on.

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