Decaffeinated Colombian El Carmen Espresso

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Decaffeinated coffee is a revolution in its own right. We have seen a number of different processes over the years and progressively the coffee outcome has improved.

This lot we cupped blind and was amongst our favourite coffees from Colombia this season, as well as being a decaf. What is different about this one? This is made with a naturally occurring solvent found in sugar cane; ethyl acetate. The result is a clean cup without a trace of processing.

Producer group: El Carmen

Region: Pitalito, Huila

Country: Colombia

Altitude: 1400-2100 MASL (there’s a variation in altitude if I ever saw one)

Varietals; Castillo and Caturra

The natural temptation would be to have made this a “One Roast”, as this would and could work well. We felt it was about time we made it easier for our traditional espresso clients and give them a decaf that is not only tasty but roasted to a point where it is not too shy.

In espresso: (17g into 45g)Blackcurrant acidity, savoury note, and long lingering citrus.

In milk: (17g into 34-5g) Malty and biscuity and creamy.

This coffee is a blend comprising of a group of small producers, who are working under a sustainability program. This system takes the risk out of the lows of the market and ensures enough is paid to the producer.



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