• Decaffeinated Brazil, Ethiopia and Congo blend

Decaffeinated Brethco Espresso

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Decaffeinated Brethco Espresso

Decaffeinated Brethco Espresso

I would dearly love to be able to offer you some more El Carmen, however, we just cannot get our hands on our favourite Colombian decaf at the moment. This blend is a reminder of what old-school decaf is and was. It isn’t the best and far from the worst. There is no escaping that this tastes of decaffeination, however, the ingredients have come from a good source aka our long-time friends The Coffee Hunters. You may be happy to know that more of the good stuff is on the way.

This is a blend of three coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia and Congo

They were all specialty grade.

Co2 process.

Cup potential:

In espresso: (17g into 45g) Decaf -process, juicy and chocolaty

In milk: (17g into 34-5g) 25-30 secs. 93-94C Touch of decaf process, fruity and chocolaty. For me, this is at its best as a 5-6oz flat white.

Good decaffeinated things lie ahead, this is just the best we could do at this point in time. we hope that you understand!



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