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Decaffeinated Brazilian Two Farm Blend

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Decaffeinated Brazilian Two Farm Blend

Decaffeinated Brazilian Two Farm Blend Filter Roast

In recent times partnerships have been founded in coffee, where farmers are paid premiums for growing coffee, specifically for decaffeination. It is great to see that in times when we need a “Plan B!” things have improved outside of that bubble. Fresh, current crop coffees that have been processed at CR3 in Germany. If we took the big leap and got 3 tons of coffee decaffeinated at once, it wouldn’t be great at the end of the lot. This is the main reason we don’t get our own coffee decaffeinated there, and the fact there is a 2-year waiting list!

This lot of coffee is interesting on a few levels.  Having a decent cupping Brazil, decaffeinated should please just about everyone? On top of this, having a break from our Colombian El Carmen (which we don’t seem to be able to get enough of right now) is a good thing to compare.

Top Trumps

Lot names : Onze Mil Virgens and Campo Alegres

Varietals: Red and Yellow Catuai

Process: Natural

Altitudes: 950&1200 meters above sea level

Farmers: Ana Ceclila Velloso (Onze Mil Virgens) and Henrique Dias Cambraia (Campo Alegre)

Area: Ana: Cerrado Miniero/ Henrique: South Minas

Country: Brazil

Decaffeination: Co2. Naturally occurring, 100% safe, and chemically inert carbon dioxide.

Roast: Light filter.

Cup potential.

This is just pleasing and easy! Depending on which roast you go for you will have variations of milk or dark chocolate (Roast!) some cocoa and nuts on cooling. I am not going to dress this up. It’s tasty, but it’s not a 90+ scoring coffee.

Aromatics: Chocolatey| Body: Light | Acidity: Low|

Once the decadent heat dissipated from the liquor, this is milk chocolatey. There are some brief glimpses of berry-like moments on cooling, with cereal (wheaty) and a touch nutty. Bags of umami. No Decaff-iness. Over all, this is a very drinkable filter, that happens to be decaffeinated.

V60: For the first time, the v60, is more pleasant than a cupping bowl.


Back story:

As you have probably gathered, from the mix of the information above,  this coffee is derived from 2 lots from 2 different farms. The former of the farms is a fourth-generation farm that has both brother and sister holding up the long family tradition. The second farm is a sub-area of Fazenda Samambai. Henrique is a larger-than-life character that we dealt with a long, long time ago.



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