Decaf-Rica or Dec-Africa? One Roast Decaf.

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Decaf-Rica or Dec-Africa? 

Decaf-Rica or Dec-Africa? One Roast

Sorry and Not So Sorry!

Yes, I am officially apologising for offering you a blend of coffee for our current decaf. Part of me is sad to offer two mills where it could and should have been one farm, should and will try harder. There’s the guilty bit out of the way.

Good News!

There is a pretty damn good reason for this coffee being here. We currently have 4 different Rwandan coffees in our roastery, quietly disappearing, which is both a wonderful thing and also a true symptom of seasonal coffee. As far as decaf’s go, this is some of the best around at the moment.

Cup Potential

Our annoyingly named Dec-Africa (self-deprecation) is sweet and crisp in a filter brew when hot. In cafetiere will or should be sweet to the last drop, if you are also running the equivalent of 55-60 g per litre.

In espresso,16-17g into 30-35g of liquid in 23-30 seconds

Flavour potential: Gingerbread, currants and sweet citrus.

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