• Darjeeling Turqvana Estate leaf tea

Darjeeling Turqvana Estate

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Darjeeling Turqvana Estate

This is a second flush (picking) with a honeyed, golden blush.

Light liquor, with subtle front-end white and yellow fruit sweetness.

Best enjoyed without milk.

If you like the idea of drinking Darjeeling tea but prefer a slightly more oxidised or a more developed flavour, we recommend the Autumn Flush. I (personally) think that this is a hugely underrated tea. It has lovely character when black, but if you really wanted to add milk…you could.  Once you take all kinds of milk out of your tea is when you really know what you are drinking. On that note, I would drink the Nilgiri Black Pearl over the Autumn Flush too, as it is just so smooth. We have this in bags and loose-leaf.


I like to brew Turqvana based on the classic 10g of tea per litre water.

First steep: 80-85C  3 minutes. With your second steep you can decide: higher temperature or a longer steep or even a little of both? You are in charge!

Feel free to share how you brew your leaves with us @jamesgourmetcoffee


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