• Costa Rica Volcan Azul Obata Varietal Fully Washed

Costa Rica Volcan Azul Obata Filter

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Costa Rica Volcan Azul Obata Filter

Costa Rica Volcan Azul Obata Filter

Classic Filter Coffee of the Best Kind.

First up from Alejo and the Castro family this season, we have a fully washed Obata varietal. My plan is to keep this available for a while as this is what so many people will relate to as a Costa Rican Coffee.

Years ago, when I visited Costa Rica, I took away something quite powerful that has stuck with me throughout my coffee journey. The thing that impacted me most was tasting the terroir. We drove all over Costa Rica and tasted many coffees from different regions.  This allowed us to build a sense of what a country and a region can produce.

However many other processes we buy from Costa Rica, the washed should be king.  It just shows how bold and clean coffee can be. Washed coffees may not be in fashion, but they are simple and delicious.   Simply delicious!


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Farmer: Alejo Castro

Farm Volcan Azul

Area: Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Established: 1850, 5th generation farm.

Hectares: 55

Altitude: 1540-1720 Meters above sea level

Varietal: Obata

Process: Fully washed

Recipe 60-70g a litre

Roast: Medium Filter

Cup Potential:

Aromatics: Promise of a juicy cup| Body: Light-Medium| Acidity: Citrus|

In batch brew or a cupping bowl, this is big on dark chocolate, that is enveloped with bold fresh grapefruit. For good filter coffee, it ticks every box. On cooling, there is some brown sugar sweetness and white fruit sugars.

Farm Info:

Volcan Azul is a 5th generation farm, producing many different single varietals and processes. The long game is the aim of quality, which we especially like at James Gourmet. The whole process is controlled by the farm and the operation is relatively small. These are all things that work for us. Coffee on a human scale with a history

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