• Costa Rica Volcan Azul Fully Washed 

Costa Rica Volcan Azul Fully Washed Filter Roast 250g

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Costa Rica Volcan Azul Fully Washed

Costa Rica Volcan Azul Fully Washed Filter Roast

Volcan Azul Year Three.

Here is the first of three coffees from Volcan Azul for 2019.

Alejo Castro is an incredible grower and an excellent communicator. From the get, go Alejo has been incredibly helpful and his coffees have just been a delight. This year has been a breeze to get the coffees through, unlike last years global experiment.  This seasons crop we have two different coffee varietals. The Caturra and H3, in various forms that each benefit from different roasting and brewing.

A long time ago when I first really started to get specialty coffee, I used to crave acidity in coffee. Costa Rica was the home of this. Happily, for most people, my tastes have changed. Coffee technology and processing is better giving us better, more balanced coffee. This is literally my dream filter coffee at the moment.

Farm Stats

(Top Trumps if you prefer)

Farmer: Alejo Castro

Farm Volcan Azul

Area: Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Established: 1850, 5th generation farm.

Hectares: 55

Altitude: 1540-1720 Meters above sea level

Varietal:  Caturra

Process: Fully washed.

Recipe: 55-65g per litre.

Roast: Light Filter

Cup Potential:  Aromatically this is like lemon toffee. This is so clean, light and sweet. Think white grape meets sweet (ripe) gooseberry.

Volcan Azul is a 5th generation farm, producing many different single varietals and processes. The long game is the aim with quality, which we especially like at James Gourmet. The whole process is controlled by the farm and the operation is relatively small. These are all things that work for us. Coffee on a human scale with a history. Echo, echo, echo!

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