Colombian Finca Primavera

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Colombian Finca Primavera 

Colombian Finca Primavera Filter roast

How “we” taste coffee is broad. When I say this I mean that if you taste a Colombian coffee of quality against a Brazil, however good it is, it may as well be apples and oranges. We have been lucky enough to buy this second lot from our man in the field in Armenia, and rate it because it is different. A weighted word we used when we came back from India. Different. More senses are needed than words and or pictures. This is the Fly-crop or the in-between crop. Lower volume but I might be preferring to the main, it’s so good.

Farm Info’

Farmer: Yimmy Soto Farm Size: 3.8 Hectares

Region La Floresta Alta – Tolima

Varietals: Caturra, Yellow Colombia,

Altitude: 1780 Meters above sea level

Process: Rested in parchment 36 hours. Fully washed (Fermentation 26 hours) Sun-dried.

Cup Profile

Primavera, for those who are not multi-lingual (like me), is Spanish for Spring. If you are into cheese, think Printemps!! However, this coffee has NO other comparison to cheese from here on. We have found this to have sweet, rounded red or brown apple acidity. The sweetness of an old fashioned fruit cake, with a little citrus on the finish. There is plenty of soluble for this juicy filter to work in espresso, just remember (please) that this is a fruity, vibrant filter coffee first before it visits the pressure chamber of your espresso machine. The jury is out if we are going to recommend this is an Omni.


Filter: 55-70g per litre. 


la Floresta/ Tolima is in the famous coffee belt of Colombia. What is unique is the fact that there are many small farms that are now getting remunerated properly for growing and processing speciality grade coffee. This is as opposed to low and quick cash solutions from large corporations that lose the individual identity of these small farms and the care taken. Over the coming months, we are going to see more small farms from the area and share.



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